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Supply Chain Management

By their sheer breadth and depth of operations, enterprises work with a host of stakeholders in the form of suppliers, partners, governments, distributors, etc.Added to this the globalized nature of business resulted in the cost advantages of multiple-sourcing model.The objective is to institutionalize a supply chain that delivers to customers wherever they are. However, enterprises still face an overwhelming task when it comes to business predictability and demand forecasting.

Supply chain efficiencies are critical to succeed in today’s competitive global environment. More so because an efficient supply chain enables businesses to make informed decisions by rationalizing costs in line with demand-supply factors and revenue goals.

Radiss’ vast consulting experience coupled with expertise on business technologies helps enterprises to design a supply chain that embraces every stakeholder and conducts business like a single unit. Our teams leverage practical experience in delivering services that maximize control over operations and inventory and deliver better services to customers. 

With development centers in India and the U.S., Radiss delivery model offers the flexibility of blended delivery model of Onsite-Offshore-Offsite. Our solutions for supply chain management services embrace the entire gamut of operational, tactical and strategic goals of an enterprise.

Consulting-led approach
Our consulting-led approach enablers us to perform technology evaluation, compare and select a blend of technologies. Designing an efficient supply chain means identifying processes, implementing change and integrating to business applications.

Engagement, execution and experience
With over 60 man-years of experience, our supple chain practice features a strong team of ERP professionals, business consultants and engineers. Our deep project experience comprises of implementing business and enterprise applications for the distribution and supply chain.

Being ready for the next level
Our solutions on supply chain are focused on evolving the businesses for the next level of growth. Our expertise covers all major business functions such as distribution, marketing, purchase, inventory and production.

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