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Network Management Services

Enterprises are characterized by their rapidly increasing number of stakeholders – be it in the form of customers, suppliers, employees or geographies.  As these increase in number and variety, so do their needs and preferences. The singular force that ties all these stakeholders together and facilitates a collaborated business is the network. A constant challenge is the availability of network services, bandwidth, hardware resources, etc. Aligning every stakeholder to relevant technology services enables organizations to proliferate new and improved services as and when they rollout, and also in adapting to change faster.

Radiss’ Network Management Services feature a comprehensive basket of offerings to address every stakeholder requirements. These services enable organizations to embrace every ecosystem, be it wide area, local area or mobile environments, thus ensuring every resource in the network is optimally utilized for the business. Our consultative approach helps enterprises to strategically align and map people with right resources and privileges. This obviates redundant investments into hardware and manpower resources.

Our capabilities extend across the entire gamut of networking technologies and products like routers, switches, firewalls, proxies, load balancers, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems, remote access devices and wireless devices.  A dedicated team of certified networking consultants means the SLAs are met and the practices are always ITIL compliant.

Network Build and Integration Consulting
Support your organization’s growing demand for technology services by seamless implementation and rollout of new network infrastructure. Proliferate new services faster into organization and benefit from improved productivity, and operational efficiency

Network Optimization and Audit
Proactive assessment of an organization’s network by targeting different stakeholder roles and requirements in relation to the business. Enterprises can identify potential areas of efficiencies, redundancies and dependencies.

LAN and WAN Services
Design, implement and management of end-to-end infrastructure comprising of devices such as hubs, switches, firewalls, load balancers, accelerators, encryptors, ISP, VPN and overall event monitoring.

Data Center Networking
End-to-end management and maintenance of DC network infrastructure including monitoring performance and capacity utilization of each device and report.

Wireless Network Services
Comprehensively rollout and govern the mobility and exchange of information across devices and business processes.

Service Management
Make services available to every role and user by way of predictive capacity planning, availability management, performance management, 24X7 remote administration and fault and performance monitoring and technical troubleshooting.

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