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Mobile Development

The proliferation of mobile devices has ushered in new opportunities for businesses. This also created a growing need to stay connected to business. Many enterprises today equip their workforce with smart phones to enhance productivity and derive efficiencies from their processes. In fact, mobile phones are today the new touch points that drive technology consumption and service delivery. Every research now predicts the mobile to be the new computing platform.

Radiss brings in the best in technology and communications to provide next generation mobile application development solutions that help enterprises join the booming mobile revolution.  We have extensive experience in designing low-cost, high performance application for various platforms and devices.

Using high-quality Google Android application development services and platforms, we build dynamic application that suit today’s high-tech mobile devices. We use the best of the emulators, debugging tools and code to ensure consistent performance in the mobile applications we develop.

iPhone Apps
Our  passionate team of developers have deep knowledge and rich experience in developing iPhone applications and widgets across industries such as entertainment, healthcare, business solutions, education/e-learning, online and gaming.

iPad Services
As the iPad continues to create newer opportunities, the applications that run on this gadget stand to be the most profitable. At Radiss, we apply innovation and out-of-the-box thinking in every step of the development process and develop iPad applications and widgets across entertainment, lifestyle, publishing, elearning, gaming industries.

Android Services
We develop third party applications for Android, the open operating system for cell phones and smart books that’s supported by over 30 major hardware and telecom companies. Our Android development services have the power to provide a better mobile experience. Our developers help you get the most out of Google Android SDK's APIs, handset emulator, sample code and debugging tools, to create high-end, risk-free Android apps across entertainment, gaming, utilities, pharma, security and automation industries.

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