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Consulting Services

The past two decades has ushered in enormous change in the way business is conducted, owing to implementation of technology for every activity. Technology itself underwent a change in perception and consumption – from being used for basic automation, then service enablement and today to transform every aspect and capability of an enterprise.

As such, this created innovative business models, demanding customers and expanded skillsets. However, many enterprises still grapple when it comes to aligning their people, processes and technologies towards the organizational goals. While this proves the evolutionary nature of change, it also constantly tests an enterprise’s adaptability.

Radiss’ Consulting services are aimed at enabling businesses to capitalize on change by taking a holistic view of costs, capabilities and opportunities. Our services feature the entire gamut of business strategy, technology planning and through to staffing.

Business consulting
Our years of engagement experience across industry verticals enables our teams align technology investments in line with business goals. Domains that we work feature business process management, change management, bespoke product development, post merger integration, etc.

IT consulting
Creating a technology roadmap in line with market realities is tantamount to faster time-to-market. Our teams of architects work with domain experts to chart out the enterprise architecture that seamlessly delivers services to stakeholders across the business ecosystems.

Sourcing and staffing
We work closely with enterprises on reskilling and augmenting their engineering teams. Our teams help business heads chart out manpower planning, best practice implementation and training and development activities.

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