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Application Services

The use of technology to drive business is no longer a debate. Every enterprise today views its technology investments as an enabler of competitive edge, be it for their offerings or in their geographies. However, as a businesses continue expand, their stakeholders also demand new and improved feature sets. The need to effectively manage and optimize business applications is imperative to success in the marketplace. Precisely why Application Management becomes critical.

Leveraging extensive knowledge in application services and delivery capability, Radiss’ Application Services enhance delivery capabilities of technology investments. From technology architecture to design and development, our services enable enterprises to expand their breadth of services by imbibing business change into their technologies.

We help enterprises with maximize ROI by modernizing their legacy applications, create flexible technology frameworks, and minimize cycle times and risks associated with business continuity and service delivery. Our service focus supports complex applications including Microsoft, Java, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel and a stack of Open Source technologies.

Custom development
Our engagement experience and deep domain expertise enables us develop customized applications that seamlessly integrate into an enterprise’s overall IT strategy. Furthermore, our SOA based approach ushers in enterprise transformation by way of business process modeling, virtualization, etc.

Maintenance and support
Radiss’ Maintenance and Support services enable enterprises to reduce the TCO on their application investments. Our highly optimized and mature onsite-offshore-offsite combination allows enterprises to continually reduce costs and instead can focus on their longer term visions and technology roadmaps.

Migration and reengineering
Address complex legacy system issues without exorbitant reinvestments. Radiss’ migration services provide a metrics-based framework to help you choose from different modernization processes – web enabling, re-hosting, componentization and re-engineering. Our experience with executing multiple large-scale migrations features platform migration, database migration and language migration.

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